All are welcome here!

Alki United Church of Christ is supported by people


Alki UCC is a congregational church, which means that the congregation IS the “owner” of the church, and we are here to do God’s work supporting the community outside our doors and around the world! We are the governing body supporting the missions, programs, and staff where God is Still Speaking.   It is up to all of us to donate our time, share our talents and skills and tithe to support the financial  obligations supporting God’s work. 

We focus on three main types of stewardship here at Alki UCC.  You can take action (time), offer skills you enjoy (talent), and/or donate money (treasure).  All of these are part of our Stewardship! Most importantly, we do our best to practice good stewardship on a daily basis. 


We are a mission-driven church supporting the needs of the surrounding communities. There are many active, short-term options for taking action, like helping prepare a meal for families in need, shopping for the food bank donation drives, volunteering for a tree planting organization, or many similar tasks.  We have lots of opportunities for donating your time; just check out our events page and sign up for our weekly newsletters.



What skills would you love to share with this community?  Do you like to organize teams, lead teams, or be part of a team?  Check out our ministry teams and see where you would like to plug in! There are many opportunities to offer your talents to this community.  Some examples are singing in the choir, running the sound/tech for worship, greeting people for events, painting a wall (or two), developing and implementing various projects.  Reach out to the Stewardship Chair to see where your talents may be utilized! 



Tithing is part of supporting all of the work this church does every day. We pay fair wages to our staff, we maintain a building where community groups can meet, we support our ministry teams with expenses they may incur, our beautiful music is supported by talented professionals who deserve decent pay, all of which comes from regular financial donations that we call tithing. We don’t require tithing, like some organizations, but it is important to give some of your treasures back to support God’s work!  Please use the donate link at the top of each page to pledge your financial support, either one time or a regular donation.

 Other ways to donate (besides using the donate link above).

Mail a check to the church office:
Alki United Church of Christ
6115 SW Hinds St
Seattle, WA 98116

 Set up automatic transfer (or bill pay) with your bank account using the address above.

Text to Give to the number 44-321, type AlkiUCC in the message and follow the prompts.