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Alki UCC Staff and Leadership

Alki UCC Bridge Pastor  

Rev. Louis J Mitchell


In March 2021 we welcomed Rev. Louis J. Mitchell as our bridge pastor. In his application he stated, “I am seeking a congregation that wants to laugh, cry, work and praise God together! Let’s reach for that sacred place of intentional intersectionality that moves beyond the optics of inclusion to the deep preparation to welcome those who have been estranged from places of worship, but not outside of the reach of All!” His many experiences include co-pastor, Recovering the Promise Ministries; co-founder of Transfaith; pastor of South Congregational Church in Springfield, Massachusetts; and recently a minister-participant in Plymouth Congregational, Seattle. He is a nationally known speaker, author of documentaries, and a recipient of several awards including the Haystack Award for Social Justice and Social Ministry, UCC Massachusetts Conference. 

Alki UCC Office Manage

Larisa Wanserski

Larisa started as our Office Manager in 2005.  She does it all! She manages the church office, keeps us organized, publishes our newsletters and weekly worship bulletins/slides, arranges for building use, answers your questions, keeps track of all the different groups using our building, etc. If you have any questions about anything to do with Alki UCC, Larisa will help you find the answer.

In-Person Office Hours May 2022
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Tues, Fri: Noon to 4:00 pm


Alki UCC Church Council

In our congregational setting, the business affairs are led by lay leadership within the church membership.  The affairs of the church, except for matters specifically required to be decided by the membership, shall be managed by the church council. The church council is responsible for supporting the spiritual and financial health of the church, as well as directing the church’s mission, strategic planning, policymaking, and other duties assigned to it by the congregation.  


Elected Officers of the Alki UCC Church Council July 1, 2021-  June 30, 2022

Moderator, Joe Mitter

In church matters, the moderator leads and performs  duties commonly associated with the office of a board of directors. The moderator presides over meetings of the congregation and the church council. 


Vice Moderator, Shannon Peterson

The vice moderator shall act in the place of the moderator or in a specific responsibility

delegated to, and accepted by, the vice moderator.


Secretary (Clerk), Charlie Hinckley

The secretary, in conjunction with the office staff, maintains all corporate and membership records of the church, including minutes of membership and church council meetings, issues letters of transfer, and ensures timely notices of church meetings. 


Treasurer, Gary Gesellchen

The treasurer oversees the church’s finances in coordination with the church council by managing annual budgets, coordination and reporting of church income and expenses. 


Ministry Team Representatives

All other members on the church council represent their ministry team. They report on team activities and may have duties assigned to their team by the council.


Operations Manager (open)

Interim operations managers: Shannon Peterson (vice-moderator) and Joe Mitter (moderator)

The operations manager shall be appointed by the council. The operations manager provides support for issues and activities related to finance, budget, personnel, building and grounds, insurance, and church policies and procedures.